Mushroom Growing Kits Comparison Chart


With mushroom growing kits you can get farm fresh mushrooms at your very own place. It comprises of seeds and several other things such as germinating chamber, humidity gauge, light, temperature monitors etc. Caligrow kits offer different types of kits at different prices. If you are a beginner and experimenting for the first time then there are the one that contains fewer ingredients and more instructions. For those who are no longer beginners there are plenty of options for you.


We offer the best quality product at the best price in the market. There's a chart that will help you buy the one that suits your purpose. It also compares our price to that of the other players in the market. So, you can see it all by yourself.


Cali Grow Kits Basic Mush Kit


Includes shipping

Cali Grow Kits Deluxe Mush Kit


Includes shipping

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Only 1/4 pint grow jars & no additives. Less than half the growth as our deluxe kit

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$197 with sterilizer

$130 without sterilizer

Prices based on

Substrate Jars Yes 6 Jars(1/2 Pint) Yes 12 Jars(1/2 Pint) Yes 12 Jar(1/4 Pint)  12 Jars(1/2 Pint) - $13.38
- Sterilized Substrate Yes  Yes  Yes   Pressure Cooker - $67.95
- Ultra Grow Additives Yes  Yes  No   Organic Brown Rice Flour Bee, Polien, Worm Castings - $24.95
Grow Container Yes Single Chamber Yes Dual Chamber Yes Single Chamber Single Chamber - $15.24
Heavy Duty Timer No  Yes  Yes   $16
Thermometer/Humidity Gauge Yes Analog Yes Digital Yes Digital Digital - $16.47
Hygrometer/ Temp Gauge Yes Yes Yes $18
Led Grow Light Yes   Yes   No     $4.27
Perilite Yes   Yes   Yes     $4.31
Ultra Quiet AIr Pump No   Yes   Yes     $15.22
Hepa FIlter & Air Hose No   Yes   Yes     $6.52
Electric 30 Watt Heater No   Yes   Yes     $22.75
Pictured Detailed Grow Guide Yes   Yes   No   No  
24/7 Online Grow Team Yes   Yes   No   No  
Shipping $18.95 $19.95 $19.95 No

Cali Grow Kits Basic LED Kit


Includes shipping

Cali Grow Kits Deluxe Kit


Includes shipping

Cali Grow Kits Ultra Kit


Includes shipping


  • LED (Basic Kit) $229.51 Inc Tax
  • 150Watt HPS (Deluxe Kit) $328.24 Inc Tax
  • 400Watt HPS (Ultra Kit) $396.56 Inc Tax
Grow Light LED High Output 150 Watt HPS - With
4 Sided Reflector
400 Watt HPS - With
4 Sided Reflector
LED High Ouput -
150 Watt HPS - $125
400 Watt HPS - $165
Bulbs 2 LED High Output High Pressure Sodium Bulb High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Bulbs 150 Watt HPS - $30
400 Watt HPS- $54
Easy Hangers No   Yes   Yes     $5.99
Nutrients Bloom and Vegitative Month Supply Bloom and Vegitative Month Supply Bloom and Vegitative Month Supply $15
Heavy Duty Timer No   Yes   Yes     $16
Mylar - 25 Feet No   Yes   Yes     $17.50
Hygrometer/ Temp Gauge Yes   Yes   Yes     $18
Hydroponic Box 4 Plant - 17" X 13" X 10" 4 Plant - 17" X 13" X 10" 4 Plant - 17" X 13" X 10" 4 Plant Hydro - $80
Rockwoll/Hydroton Rocks Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Air Pump/Air Stone/ Tubing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Netting Pots Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Year Warranty Yes Yes Yes No
Cali Grow Kits 24/7 Grow Team Yes Yes Yes No
Shipping $14.95 19.99 19.99 Sales Tax - Average 6.75%