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Our Best-Selling Deluxe Mushroom Kit

Deluxe Hydroponics Grow Kits

All the Power, At Half of the Costs
Retail Cost$299.95
Our Cost is$199.95
Wholesale Price 2 Year Warranty
Lowest Priced Kits Anywhere ( 50% Off )
Grows 4 Deluxe Plants
  • 1 Step and Easy to Do
  • Guaranteed to Obtain Perfect Growing onditions
  • Premium Equipment + Ingredients = Mega Growth.
  • Our Free Grow Guide - Makes growing a breeze.
  • Growing is an Investment NOT an Expense
  • 24/7 Grow Team

What makes our kits special?

Our Kit costs LESS than you would pay just for the lights at a hydroponic store

  • Super Energy Wise (Less than $4 a month to operate)
  • Contains Everything you Need to Grow
  • Plant it and Forget it!
  • Have Full Sized Plants in 1.5 Months


Kit Includes:

  • 150 Watt HPS Grow Light With Reflector
  • Pro HIgh Pressure Sodium Grow Bulb
  • 25' Roll Of Reflective Mylar (To Get the Most Out of Your Light)
  • 2 Yo Yo Retractable Hangers
  • Digital Tempature Gauge & Hygrometer
  • PH Test Kit With PH Up and PH Down
  • Heavy Duty Timer
  • 2 oz Free Sample of Overdrive Bloom
  • 3 Months of Grow and Bloom Nutrients
  • Complete Hydroponic Set up Including:
  • 4 Plant -  5 Gallon Grow Box 17" X 13" X 10"
  • 12" Long Bubble Air Stone
  • 10 Gallon Air Pump
  • Rockwool cubes, Hydroton Pebbles
  • Hydroponic Ebook and Grow Sources
  • Cali Grow Kits 24/7 Grow Help to Make your Experience Effortless


100% BRAND NEW - No reused parts


Hands down the BEST deal EVER offered for any complete GROW LIGHT system!


Comes complete and READY TO GROW!


Includes the ballast, lamp (bulb) and reflector!


Plugs into standard household outlet!



Just take it out of the box, screw in the bulb, plug it in & GROW !




For gardens up to 3’ x 3’ ( 9 square feet )


System includes:


·          Brand New REMOTE 150 watt HPS BALLAST and Components

·          Brand New HORIZONTAL REFLECTOR with 10’ cord

·          Brand New HIGH OUTPUT 150w HPS Bulb (16,000 lumens!)


Ready, Set.......GROW!


If you are in the market for a BRAND NEW HIGH OUTPUT GROW LIGHT, you have found what you are looking for!


About the system:




Dimensions: 9" Long x 4" Wide x 5.5" Tall

This premium CaliGrowKits GROW LIGHT ballast and components are housed in an ULTRA-EFFICIENT OPEN AIR BALLAST HOUSING. Unlike other enclosures that house their ballasts inside a metal box - causing heat build up and lowering component life and performance - the GROW LIGHT ballast housing incorporates an OPEN AIR type enclosure. The housing is actually built around the copper coil ballast allowing for the heat generated by the ballast to dissipate quickly and efficiently. The #1 killer of electrical components (like the ignitor and capacitor) is excessive heat. Components such as the ignitor and capacitor are housed away from the ballast inside their own small enclosure, thus keeping them cool and away from the heat generated by the ballast itself. This ballast enclosure design is time tested in industrial / commercial H.I.D. applications worldwide, but  GROW LIGHT is the ONLY GROW LIGHT to incorporate this intelligent, simple, and efficient design. The OPEN AIR design of the CaliGrowKits GROW LIGHT keeps the components cooler than any other system on the market today! The remote ballast design is far superior to other designs found on eBay and other sites.


Includes 10’ grounded power cord that plugs into a STANDARD HOUSEHOLD OUTLET!




This top of the line HORIZONTAL REFLECTOR is made from the HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS available! Specifically designed for growing plants, this reflector incorporates a steel socket/reflector bracket, 5kv Pulse Rated Mogul Based socket and highly reflective polished aluminum reflector. The highly polished aluminum reflector has a mirror-like finish rated at 95% reflectivity for MAXIMUM LIGHT OUTPUT. This super reflective surface provides more raw light output than dimpled reflectors, and is far superior in reflective qualities than cheap white painted reflectors which discolor over time. Polished Aluminum will NOT RUST, CHIP, or CORRODE like inferior chrome reflectors do under the intense heat of a high intensity discharge (H.I.D.) bulb like the High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulb that comes with this system. This reflector is built to last a lifetime, and can easily be cleaned with common household window cleaner. Horizontal lamp configuration design allows for the greatest light coverage over the top of your garden area while providing the highest light intensity levels possible. It is widely recognized that the BEST design for horticultural reflectors is the HORIZONTAL REFLECTOR design incorporated with this reflector. The reflector comes with two heavy duty steel hangers to hang your reflector from, and the cord from the reflector to the ballast housing measures 10’.


Reflector Measures Approx: 16" Long x 13" Wide x 6" Deep




Brand new HIGH OUTPUT 150 watt High Pressure Sodium bulb is rated at 16,000 lumens! Life expectancy is 24,000 hours. 22 CRI. The 150 watt HPS bulb is a very popular bulb used by the indoor hobbyist grower today. The 150 watt HPS is more efficient in producing light than its Metal Halide counterpart and also features very little lumen loss over its lifetime compared to Metal Halide bulbs. You can expect only a 10% decrease in lumens over a bulb’s 3 year (24/7) lifetime. Compare that to Metal Halide, where there is as much as a 50% decrease in lumen output over its shorter lifetime and initially lower light output than HPS, and it is clear to see why the HPS is so popular. It is believed the HPS bulb’s bright "yellowish" spectrum mimics that of the "harvest sun", triggering plants to develop flowers rapidly and abundantly. You can expect excellent results using this HPS bulb, and it is good for ALL STAGES of PLANT GROWTH!






Warranty for this system is 2 years on the ballast and components and 1 year for the bulb. Remember, this is simply the warranty. This system should provide ten, even twenty or more years of reliable service.


Deka :  Got everything by the,imdb of the week. Easy to start growing immediately. Thank you so much!

Deka :  Lightning fast shipping guys, thanks!

lea :  Great product for a great price! Awesome customer service as well. I can't wait to see the results!!

Ronnie Kendrick Jr :  No hydroponic book in my delivery today why?

Swiftly  : Got Half Of My Kit Today ! Looks Official With Great Products For A StartUp Kit ! For This Price You Get Your $'s Worth ! Ill Post A Quality And Performance Update In A Few Months After The 1st Harvest ! Thanks Cali Grow Kits !!

will :  thanks guys just got my lights waitin on nexts pack to come;)

dav :  does this set include any seeds ?if not whats the best website for them

chris :  Two questions I'm new to growing what seed comes with the kit?? And can I get seeds from a store n use those as well

yaboy  :  Just order my kit today I can't wait to see wut happens

BBrown :  Just got the email saying it was ready for delivery just ordered 4 days ago with involving weekends can't wait

Ciggarillo :  Question???? How Many Oz. Can I Get Per Plant?!?!?!

Skinner :  Why is the production of yield is so low (1oz per plant)? - (ADMIN - Thats if you harvest in the shortest amount of time, the sky is the limit with the kit! Just depends how long you leave them in)

JAE : is this really a plug and play system? i never grew anything in my life. (ADMIN - Yup, you should have no problems)

cody :  It says you can grow eight plants but your system only has four spots? (ADMIN - There is enough room to put 2 plants in each spot, most of your growth will be going on in the bottom of the box where the roots go)

jithin :  just ordered the kit...let see how things go....i like the service.....thanks

Sherry :  I gave a previous scathing review due to a previous employee but praising them now. Thanks for being there:)

I'm RICH BIATCH! :  Saw your review Hippie Gardener and thought I'd do a more appropriate one for the site:

Hippie Gardener :  Thanks Cali Grow Kits, just finished my 4th grow and posted a review about you guys on youtube:

Mike Allen :  True Plug and Play action. My tom plants grow visably everyday;)! Love your product!!!

c3powars :  how much does the 400w produce dried (ADMIN - 1 or more ounce per plant dried)

Shawna Allen :  I love this system!!! Its the greatest thing since the wheel or human rights!!!! You CaliGrowKits are a godsend!!!

Shawn  :  just ordered mine, and cant wait to see what its all about.

KushEnthusiast  :  Just wondering how legit this is? SUPER INTERESTED and willing to purchase this kit now if I can get a guarantee? Is all I need really included? Is it this simple? (ADMIN - Yes we offer a 2 year warranty and it IS that simple :) )

JE :  Great customer service! I ordered the wrong one and they went out of their way to allow me to exchange it. Thanks and will definitely recommend

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Warranty plays a deciding role if one should buy the considered shroom growing kits or not. Different companies would have different takes on this but having a warranty is absolutely must. Reading reviews of various hydroponics grow kits and the company is also important. There are various mushroom growing kits selling at the moment that make tall and heavy claims only to disappoint with the quality of produce. Some are even worse that do not manage to produce anything close to the anticipated results.

Hydroponics grow kits have different requirements of settings and ambience which call for additional expenses. You must be able to choose cheap hydroponics grow kits that also do not ask you to make further investments into bringing up the right atmosphere and setting for a healthy reduce. The more minimal the stringent requirements, the better the mushroom growing kits are for you.