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Mushroom Harvesting

Mushroom Harvesting

Cost : $

Our mushroom drying kit is a great way to cure, dry, and harvest your mushrooms. With all of our kits, the standard way to dry mushrooms is to hang them near a fan and allow evaporation to take its course. This can cause certain parts of the mushroom to dry faster then others, and long dry times. Our mushroom drying kits include everything you need to quickly dry and cure mushrooms evenly, equally, and without contamination.

Mushroom Humidifer

Mushroom Humidifer

Cost : $49.99

Our specialized mushroom humidifier is a great upgrade to any kit. Mushrooms experience optimal growth at 95%-100% humidity. With our standard kits, damp perlite is used to reach ranges of 65%-95%. While this does allow mushrooms to grow well, there is room for improvement. Using a our mushroom humidifier you can easily obtain and maintain a perfect 95%-100% humidity at all times – allowing your mushrooms to grow much quicker and larger. Simply attach any water bottle to our humidifier (all plastic water bottles are compatible), set your fog level to low, place inside your grow container, and you are good to go! (The Mushroom Fogger/Humidifier only needs to be used when the grow cakes are out of the jars and fully inoculated – Full growing instructions better explain this and are included in all of our kits)

Retail Cost$
Our Cost is$

mercy : what do you do with the kit once it'sunable to be used? have you gotz a recycling program or suggestions? (ADMIN - You can reuse it! The jars are good for up to 5 grows since they are made fresh. As long as you have no contamination.)

Donald : how much do you put in per jar?? (ADMIN 1 CC per Jar, 1 syringe will be good for 12 jars. approx)

greg :  about how long does it take to get the 4-8 oz's? (ADMIN - about a 1.5 months)

Nick  :  Im placing my order on the deluxe kit in about 10 minutes even though it's backordered I hope it will get here ASAP. So you say I only need 1cc per syringe? The syringes have 10cc in each. Is one ok or should I buy 2? Thanks so much guys (ADMIN - 1 Will work fine, 2 of course works a llittle better though, more spores per jar injected)

nick :  About how many 10cc spore syringes do you need to grow 8 ounces in the 12 jar kit (ADMIN 1 cc per syringe = 1 or 2 syringes per 12 jars)

Mush man : Awesome experience with you guys! Able to get many flushes with 1 kit. To view a pictured documented grow with the smaller kit!.. Buying the deluxe next ~ Expecting amazing results -

Victor  :  Week 5 and I have HUGE mmushrooms already, i don't know why they grew so fast, i used the #$*#( from (ADMIN - great to hear but please don't list mushroom specifics that you grew)

Jessie  :  How are you guys the cheapest on the net plus offer 2ce as much grow jar as other companies I checked out. Thanks guys.... awesome kit

Brian :  Order was a little late since it was backordered but customer service was great. Thanks guys and sorry for being so frantic, I was just worried about my kit. (ADMIN - sorry we have been a little late with a few our orders due to the HUGE back to school rush, we are doing our best to get them out as fast as we can, thanks for understanding!)

timestrmr : how much can you grow with this kit? (ADMIN - Between 4-8 Ounces Dried Mushroom per grow, but the jars are good for about 4 grows due to their freshness)

Andrew :  Used this kit to get rid of my cluster headaches. Love mush's! Thanks Cali

Aaron : Grew in my dorm room, super compact, quiet, no smell, discrete shipping and great grow!

Tara : SUPER EASY TO USE! Other kits make it so hard, directions are pictures and made it really simple to follow for a ADD student like myself haha

Kari :  A+++ for customer service. haven't tried the kit yet but am excited

James :  Made my money back in 1 grow, and than some :) Everyone said they were the best mushrooms they ever had.

Rick :  They do not accept prepaid visa cards (*we accept all online payments except gift cards, sorry bout that, that has to do with our payment processing)

John :  Did not come with spores, what do i do with this kit! (admin- we do not include spores in the kit, we recommend

Shroommminn :  By far the best kit on the net! Fast large grows. No complaints. Great customer service (all questions were anwered in 24 hours!) Way to go CGK.

Toddy : Take you mushrooms with orange juice, best combo ever ;)

Kim : Love the groww additives and extra large size. Shipping took 11 days. Spores arrived much faster from

Heidi  :  Not going to say what type of Mushroom i grew in this kit ;) but they were greeaaaat.

Warren :  Grew Morrels from in this kit, grew great mushrooms and sold at my local farmers market. Large profits :)

Jenna : Super Grow! SUPER FAST! Used with bestspores for the best product EVER!!! Buying again, thanks you guys

Logan :  This and the LED kit are by far the best on the site. If you have a personal grow or want to make $$ this is the way to go!

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Warranty plays a deciding role if one should buy the considered shroom growing kits or not. Different companies would have different takes on this but having a warranty is absolutely must. Reading reviews of various hydroponics grow kits and the company is also important. There are various mushroom growing kits selling at the moment that make tall and heavy claims only to disappoint with the quality of produce. Some are even worse that do not manage to produce anything close to the anticipated results.

Hydroponics grow kits have different requirements of settings and ambience which call for additional expenses. You must be able to choose cheap hydroponics grow kits that also do not ask you to make further investments into bringing up the right atmosphere and setting for a healthy reduce. The more minimal the stringent requirements, the better the mushroom growing kits are for you.