Mushroom Grow Kits and Refills

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Grow Kits

Once grown you may want to store your mushrooms it in the perfect place. If you want you can dry them too for that there is the drying kit. It is made with the combination of two desiccants. It is easy to use and can be reused several times.


Once you have successfully grown mushrooms you will want to grow it again. In that case you need not buy the entire thing again you just have to buy refills. There are packages available in different quantities that will suite your requirement. All you need to do is buy it and start over again.


When it comes to harvesting the oil extractor is an important part. It makes the process of extraction easier and it makes it easy to clean out the plant material. It has a removable glass piece in it which makes it easy to clean. It includes things like mash filters, oil containers, rubber bands etc.

Grow Tents / Grow Boxs

Cali GrowKits LED Grow Tents kits are put together based on the size of the tent desired. Simply decide on how big of a tent you want, and rest assured we've put together the rest of your LED grow light and tent kit as an easy "plug and play" packaged solution. These kits come with everything you need and each part can be upgraded for addition fees. Cali GrowKits also offers top of the line grow boxes for the discrete indoor grower.