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Retail Cost$199.95
Our Cost is$139.95
Wholesale Price 2 Year Warranty
Lowest Priced Kits Anywhere (50% Off)
Grows 4 Plants
  • 1 Step and Easy to Do
  • Guaranteed to Obtain Perfect Conditions
  • Premium Equipment + Ingredients = Mega Growth.
  • Our Free Grow Guide 
  • Growing is an Investment NOT and Expense
  • 24/7 Grow Team 

What makes our kits special?

Our Kit costs LESS than you would pay just for the lights at a hydroponic store

  • Super Energy Wise (Less than 50 cents  a month to operate)

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Hydroponics growing kits are used for indoors. Usually a plant needs sunlight, air, moisture etc for a successfully grow. When you try plantation indoors it will not get proper nutrients, as a result it won't retain for long. Hence to give it sufficient nutrients indoor s you will need Caligrow kits Hydroponics kit. Since you will be growing it indoors you need not worry about any season or temperature, you can plant your weed anytime.

It contains everything you will need from seeds to LED lights. It also contains an instruction manual which has all the information you will need to know.

Kit Includes:

  • 2  LED Bulbs  (336 Bulbs - Mixed Color for All Grow Stages)
  • Digital Tempature Gauge & Hygrometer
  • 3 Months of Grow and Bloom Nutrients
  • Complete Hydroponic Set up Including:
  • 4 Plant -  5 Gallon Grow Box 17" X 13" X 10"
  • 12" Long Bubble Air Stone
  • 10 Gallon Air Pump
  • Rockwool cubes, Hydroton Pebbles
  • Hydroponic Ebook and Grow Sources
  • Cali Grow Kits 24/7 Grow Help to Make your Experience Effortless


LED Details:

Here it is: the latest in growing technology, the LED GROW LIGHT.


This is a TriBand Spectrum to provide the BEST spectrum for ALL STAGES OF PLANT GROWTH!

Measures: 5.75" wide x 5" long

BLUE SPECTRUM: 460-470 Nanometers

BLUE LIGHT is important for the formation of chlorophyll, chloroplast development (chloroplasts are the little organs inside cells where photosynthesis takes place, more of them = more photosynthesis = more plant growth), also, photosynthesis circadian rhythm (knowing when lights are on and off – related to flowering too) and the production of some enzymes in plants is controlled by blue light. In land plants, a decrease in blue light also might signal to a leaf that it is a shade leaf… meaning it thinks it is not in good light, so it won’t make chloroplasts, which means no matter how many photons of light hit that leaf it will not produce the maximum amount of energy that it could.

RED SPECTRUM: 645-655 Nanometers

RED LIGHT stimulates phytochrome responses such as stem elongation, flowering, and other plant morphology changes. {HPS lights have more yellow/red which is why they lead to elongated stems, and great flowering} Red light can increase starch accumulation in some plants (that is like animals gaining fat, extra energy).

You get the BEST of BOTH WORLDS, both BLUE and RED Light with this L.E.D. bulb!

Add in the FULL  Spectrum white LEDs to round fill in the trace amount of light needed from outside the RED and BLUE spectrums.

This 168 LED BULB simply screws into a standard household bulb socket (Medium Base/Edison Base). You simply supply your own standard socket and custom arrange it over top of your garden. Operates on common household voltage.

Why use our LED GROW LIGHTS to grow plants?
The basic idea is that a growing plant uses only a narrow band of the lighting spectrum for chlorophyll production. Up to now the only choice has been Sodium or Halide lights which both produce a very wide band of lighting and less than 10% of a Sodium or Halide lamps output is actually used by the plant.

With the advent of LED lighting, we can custom tailor the output of the lamp to match exactly the band of light required for Chlorophyll production!

What does all this mean?
This means that almost 100% of the power input for our LED GROW LIGHT is used for plant production.

What are the other benefits?
Another great benefit of the LED GROW LIGHT is the very small amount of heat produced. The LED GROW LIGHT operates completely cool to the touch and plants can actually grow right up to the fixture, try that with any Sodium or Halide lamp.

What is the benefit of lower heat levels?
No HEAT SIGNATURE detectable by infrared cameras.

No fans required for cooling

No heat damage to plants

No high temperature lights to worry about

Also, the LED GROW LIGHT does not require a ballast and simply plugs into any standard household light bulb socket. *(socket not included)

The LED GROW LIGHT is manufactured using long life LED lights. These lights have a rated life of over 100,000 hours (there are 8,760 hours in a year).

The power use of one 168 piece LED GROW LIGHT bulb is approximately 13 watts each.

LEDs are nearly 100% efficient at plant growth! This is 10 times the efficiency of a Sodium or Halide light.

Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.) technology is the absolute newest technology in plant growth! These lights represent the cutting edge of horticultural lighting. LED lights are currently being used by NASA for growing plants in outer space!

Josh :  Great Kit, so easy to use!

DuWayne : I got my entire package within 2 weeks so fast shipping and everything was as described. It was all a little smaller than I expected but it still does the job!!! I like the setup, it's simple but effective and all fits in a small space so you have more room. I personally will buy another soon. It's a must buy!!!!!

tomato farmer : I just ordered mine yesterday and was wondering how to find out if my item got shipped yet?

Chase :  Would a grow tent be recommended ? Or can I set it up in my closet... Need some help


Ross :  Just ordered my $99 kit I'm waiting.


Queenie : If only there were more ceelvr people like you!

Wayy2Much :  Got my full package in 7 days everything neat and well packaged.....getting my girls startedwith the caligrowkits seed starter...its a little confusing when it comes to transferring it to the kit but I'm sure it ain't to hard...!!!

rob :  didnt use it yet first timer. trying to find out if there is a portable light fixture i can purchase for the basic led grow kit.

John : I am wondering if when I purchase a 400 watt hydroponic system, if I will be able to order refills of pebbles, overdrive bloom ect. with

UpS : Just ordered my kit, hope everything goes as planned. Been watching this item for a while, and have been excited to start growing.

big : Im bout to order NOW! I cant wait

I'm RICH BIATCH! :  Saw your review Hippie Gardener and thought I'd do a more appropriate one for the site:

Hippie Gardener : Thanks Cali Grow Kits, just finished my 4th grow and posted a review about you guys on youtube:

Josh :  My pump broke.... (We are sending you a replacement right away)

Bryan :  Agreed with below, t

Troy :  What with all the griping about this kit. Yes its less wattage, its cheaper, better for smaller grow spaces, works great! I've grown 3 grows now and always get about 1 ounce per plant

Rod : WTF - kit didn't work,seeds never grew! (ADMIN - you might want to check your seed supplier, for the best and easiest way to start seeds look at the seed starting kits)

Tyler :  Not a bad kit - excited to try the 400 watter next!

FIDO : Do Not accept Prepaid Cards! Whats up with that you guys

Bob :  Wish i would have gone with a LED or 400 watt kit.

Tracy : This kit paid for itself in 1 grow.... BRAVO

Y : Fast Shipping, easy to use, Cheap price. Recommending you guys to my friends. THANKS A TON!

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Warranty plays a deciding role if one should buy the considered shroom growing kits or not. Different companies would have different takes on this but having a warranty is absolutely must. Reading reviews of various hydroponics grow kits and the company is also important. There are various mushroom growing kits selling at the moment that make tall and heavy claims only to disappoint with the quality of produce. Some are even worse that do not manage to produce anything close to the anticipated results.

Hydroponics grow kits have different requirements of settings and ambience which call for additional expenses. You must be able to choose cheap hydroponics grow kits that also do not ask you to make further investments into bringing up the right atmosphere and setting for a healthy reduce. The more minimal the stringent requirements, the better the mushroom growing kits are for you.