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Mushroom Harvesting

Mushroom Harvesting

Cost : $

Our mushroom drying kit is a great way to cure, dry, and harvest your mushrooms. With all of our kits, the standard way to dry mushrooms is to hang them near a fan and allow evaporation to take its course. This can cause certain parts of the mushroom to dry faster then others, and long dry times. Our mushroom drying kits include everything you need to quickly dry and cure mushrooms evenly, equally, and without contamination.

Mushroom Humidifer

Mushroom Humidifer

Cost : $49.99

Our specialized mushroom humidifier is a great upgrade to any kit. Mushrooms experience optimal growth at 95%-100% humidity. With our standard kits, damp perlite is used to reach ranges of 65%-95%. While this does allow mushrooms to grow well, there is room for improvement. Using a our mushroom humidifier you can easily obtain and maintain a perfect 95%-100% humidity at all times – allowing your mushrooms to grow much quicker and larger. Simply attach any water bottle to our humidifier (all plastic water bottles are compatible), set your fog level to low, place inside your grow container, and you are good to go! (The Mushroom Fogger/Humidifier only needs to be used when the grow cakes are out of the jars and fully inoculated – Full growing instructions better explain this and are included in all of our kits)

Tori :  Ive been doing nothing but reasearch on kits and growing in general. You guys have by far the best reviews and from what ive read make it simple. How big would the yeild be in this kit?

CarloChaos1 :

James :  Made a youtube video of me using your kits during the fruiting process. Great success! Check it out here:

conor : Agree with everyone else! – Best Substrate I agre with all the reviews on here, pretty much an awesome buy. I did get the hygrometer wet (my fault) and it did break. But have used this kit for about 2 years now with great success! Love hydroponics, growing mushrooms with water to supply the nutrients, they grow so much faster than all other mediums. The jars Cali Grow also supplies are great, they have bee pollen, liquid worm castings, hand ground brown rice flour, ect… The additives really gave it that boost. (been growing for a while now and have compared different mediums) – The Substrate is the Key

Billyyyy : 1) Great Kit For Beginners Thought I would have trouble growing Mush’s. This made everything VERY VERY easy. Comes with SUPER EASY Directions. Super quiet and fits under my bed. I leave it for about a month and come back and always have mush’s waiting for me! 2) Here are the directions ☺ Free The send you these when you buy; not sure if I’m supposed to be putting it on here but it’s a great resource to see the steps: Click Here: The whole thing is super easy to use and awesome price! They also helped me troubleshoot some things from their site and have a guide just how to inject the spores here:

Josh : Love this Kit! Quick Shipping, Great Price - Haven't used it, but based on the reviews of their other products on their website- excited to have some SHROOMS!

bgunn :  Ok I'm completly new at growing I haven't even done it one time but I really wanna start growin mushrooms could someone please give me step by step how to use this kit I don't know if its simply one step or do u gotta keep it at a certain temp or what.please help if you could just shoot me a mesg at thanks so much

Hippie Gardener :  Decided to upload a video of my first grow, this was back when I was a beginner - I think I ended up using that kit about 4-5 times. :) - here's Part 1:

big d : got the basic grow kit for shroomer,couldnt believe the yield....

I'm RICH BIATCH! :  Saw your review Hippie Gardener and thought I'd do a more appropriate one for the site:

Hippie Gardener :  Thanks Cali Grow Kits, just finished my 4th grow and posted a review about you guys on youtube:

Ryan : Perfect Ingredients, Always Sterile - been using you guys forever now and never switching, thanks CGK - Only minus one star for those broken jars that were ruined in the mail, but thanks for replacing them!

Amber : Have tried making my own and using grow bags - nothing works better than these guys - they seem to have the best combo of ingredients! : WTF - Doesn't come with Spores!? ** ADMIN - Sorry Our site does not have spores. We recommend*

Todd : Great jars - Great additives - Didn't know I needed a kit with it...

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Warranty plays a deciding role if one should buy the considered shroom growing kits or not. Different companies would have different takes on this but having a warranty is absolutely must. Reading reviews of various hydroponics grow kits and the company is also important. There are various mushroom growing kits selling at the moment that make tall and heavy claims only to disappoint with the quality of produce. Some are even worse that do not manage to produce anything close to the anticipated results.

Hydroponics grow kits have different requirements of settings and ambience which call for additional expenses. You must be able to choose cheap hydroponics grow kits that also do not ask you to make further investments into bringing up the right atmosphere and setting for a healthy reduce. The more minimal the stringent requirements, the better the mushroom growing kits are for you.