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Retail Cost$399.95
Our Cost is$249.95
Wholesale Price 2 Year Warranty
Lowest Priced Kits Anywhere ( 50% Off )
Grows 4 Ultra Plants
  • 1 Step and Easy to Do
  • Guaranteed to Obtain Perfect Conditions 
  • Premium Equipment + Ingredients = Mega Growth.
  • Our Free Grow Guide - Makes growing a breeze.
  • Growing is an Investment NOT an Expense
  • 24/7 Grow Team

What makes our kit special?

Our Kit costs LESS than you would pay just for the lights at a hydroponic store

  • Super Energy Wise (less than $3 a month to operate)
  • Contains Everything you Need to Grow
  • Plant it and Forget it!
  • Have Full Sized Plants in 1.5 Months


Kit Includes:  


  • 400 Watt HPS Grow Light With Reflector
  • Pro High Pressure Sodium Grow Bulb
  • 25' Roll Of Reflective Mylar (To Get the Most Out of Your Light)
  • 2 Yo Yo Retractable Hangers
  • Digital Tempature Gauge & Hygrometer
  • PH Test Kit With PH Up and PH Down
  • Heavy Duty Timer
  • 2 oz Free Sample of Overdrive Bloom
  • 3 Months of Grow and Bloom Nutrients
  • Complete Hydroponic Set up Including:
  • 4 Plant -  5 Gallon Grow Box 17" X 13" X 10"
  • 12" Long Bubble Air Stone
  • 10 Gallon Air Pump
  • Rockwool cubes, Hydroton Pebbles
  • Hydroponic Ebook and Grow Sources
  • Cali Grow Kits 24/7 Grow Help to Make your Experience Effortless




Dimensions: 9" long x 4" wide x 5.5" tall


The grow light ballast is a brand new REMOTE 400 watt HPS ballast, with an innovative design that separates the ballast core away from the capacitor and ignitor components to provide high performance and long life. This grow light ballast is made to our specifications with high output lighting results for horticulture / hydroponics / indoor gardening use. The High Pressure Sodium grow light ballast also features a convenient retractable handle with large keyholes for wall or ceiling mounting options. The lighting ballast also has over-sized rubber feet for electrical safety and quiet operation. The 8 foot power cord and 10 foot light bulb output cords are constructed of the highest quality, heavy gauge industrial grade electrical cord usually seen on grow lights costing much more. The HPS ballast is pre-set and ready to plug into standard 110/120 household voltage, but can easily be changed to 220/240 volts. The High Pressure Sodium 400 watt High Pressure Sodium grow light ballast will operate any standard or horticultural 400 watt High Pressure Sodium lamp or 400 watt Metal Halide Conversion lamp.  For future upgrades, the universal socket set can be used with many other reflectors; including, air-cooled reflectors, umbrella style hoods, and many other grow light reflector hoods. This makes the system a great value in hydroponic and indoor gardening lighting.




Dimensions: 15.5" long x 12.5" wide x 6" deep


This quality grow light system features a lighting reflector hood that is a highly efficient FOUR sided reflector. This top of the line HORIZONTAL REFLECTOR is made from the HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS available! Specifically designed for growing plants indoors, this reflector incorporates a steel socket and reflector bracket, 5kv Pulse Rated Mogul Based socket, and highly reflective polished aluminum reflector. The highly polished aluminum reflector has a mirror-like finish rated at 95% reflectivity for MAXIMUM LIGHT OUTPUT. This grow light reflector hood is built to last a lifetime and can easily be cleaned with common household window cleaner. The grow lights Horizontal lamp configuration design allows for the greatest light coverage over the top of your indoor garden area while providing the highest light intensity levels possible. It is widely recognized that the BEST design for horticultural and hydroponic reflectors is the HORIZONTAL REFLECTOR design incorporated with this reflector. Additionally, this versatile grow light reflector can be used as a 4 sided reflector or as a completely adjustable BATWING reflector. This grow light reflector hood comes with two heavy duty steel hangers to hang your reflector from, and a 10’ cord from the reflector to the remote 400 watt High Pressure Sodium ballast housing



This standard bulb emits 55,000 lumens with a rated life span of 24,000 hours.

  • 55,000 lumens
  • 24,000 hour rated life
  • mogul base
  • universal mounting position



This quality grow light system features a fantastic warranty usually found with grow lights costing much more. The High Pressure Sodium 400 watt High Pressure Sodium grow light carries a 2 year warranty for the High Pressure Sodium ballast and components and a 1 year warranty for the High Pressure Sodium lamp. If you need any help or assistance with your purchase, feel free to contact our hydroponics and indoor gardening experts via phone or email.

Donna :  I purchased this kit a few years ago and it was amazing! I got beautiful full plants, and never had a single issue with them. the system itself worked wonderfully! I unfortunately had to leave my kit behind when I moved, but I am looking to purchase another one soon, but I am needing to save the money. I am hoping to be able to afford another one within a couple of months. I don't want to buy from anywhere else. The results I got from this kit were undeniably the best results I have found yet. You will not regret getting this kit!

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Warranty plays a deciding role if one should buy the considered shroom growing kits or not. Different companies would have different takes on this but having a warranty is absolutely must. Reading reviews of various hydroponics grow kits and the company is also important. There are various mushroom growing kits selling at the moment that make tall and heavy claims only to disappoint with the quality of produce. Some are even worse that do not manage to produce anything close to the anticipated results.

Hydroponics grow kits have different requirements of settings and ambience which call for additional expenses. You must be able to choose cheap hydroponics grow kits that also do not ask you to make further investments into bringing up the right atmosphere and setting for a healthy reduce. The more minimal the stringent requirements, the better the mushroom growing kits are for you.