Premium Bulk Spawn Growing & Casing Kit


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Premium Bulk Spawn Growing & Casing Kit

We use the best ingredients in our casing mix including coir, which is one of the best bulk mediums to grow mushrooms in. It’s naturally resistant to mold and bacteria and mushrooms absolutely love it! There are many different brands, styles, and textures of coir sold for many different uses. We use Coco Coir the best producing variety and brand available for growing mushrooms.

This kit includes:

  • Custom designed Growing Chamber with lid & 1″ pre-cut polyfill holes 20″ X 15″ X 12″
  • 10 Pounds of our Select Bulk Casing mix, premixed and pasteurized
  • 3 Quarts of Vermiculite
  • 6 oz of superfine Polyfill
  • 15″ of Micropore Tape
  • Spray Bottle


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