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Premium Manure-Based Bulk Casing Mix – 2.5 lbs


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Premium Manure-Based Bulk Casing Mix – 2.5 lbs

Each 2.5 pound bag of Premium Manure-Based Casing Mix comes fully hydrated, vacuum sealed and includes the following:

  • Organic pasture fed equine (horse) manure
  • Coir (Coco Coir brand)
  • Shredded wheat straw
  • Vermiculite
  • Spring water
  • PH stabilizers/buffers including Gypsum, hydrated lime
  • Our special mineral blend

Each bag of our manure-based casing mix is vacuum sealed and goes through our new liquid immersion pasteurization system for 2.5 hours. This process precisely monitors the core temperature eliminating harmful bacteria while preserving the beneficial ones.


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