Simple Seed Starting Kit


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Just add water (and seeds!)


55 Site Floating Seed Starter Tray
55 Seed Starter Plugs
Heavy Duty 7″ Humidity Dome
Seed Starter Heat Mat
This is an excellent choice for getting your precious seedlings off to the best start they can get!

Better than other similar kits on the market:
Better humidity dome (thick, heavy duty plastic, full 7″ tall)!
Better heat mat (longer so it fits nursery tray/flat without setting on top of input connection for full contact with bottom of tray)!
Better seed starter system (styrofoam insert floats on water to provide the correct amount of water/air ratio for seedlings and holds extra water so they won’t dry out too quickly)!
Better seed starter plugs (specialized large natural bark starter plugs with nutrients added gives your seeds a jump start compared with to undersized small and messy compressed coco-coir plugs that fall apart easily).
Measures approximately: 21.25″L x 11″W x 10″H (assembled)
Just add your seed to the starter plugs (planting hole already present in plugs), place on heat mat, water and place humidity dome over tray. Give them some light and your seeds will be practically jumping out of their shells!


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