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2 Lamp 4 Foot T5 High Output Fluorescent Fixture
TWO Specialty T5 Bulbs Included (Choose Spectrum)
High Output 10,000 lumens!
10\’ Grounded Power Cord – plugs into a standard household outlet and operates on standard household current
Pair of Hangers included!
Solid State Digital Electronic Ballast!
Sturdy Steel Construction
Measures 47″Long x 4.75″ Wide x 2.75″ Deep

TWO specialty horticultural High Output T5 GROW BULBS INCLUDED!
Perfect for seed starting, taking cuttings, keeping mother plants, over-wintering plants, supplemental or full term lighting!
High Output T5 Fluorescents are the most efficient source of Fluorescent lighting avialable!
Approx. DOUBLE the LIGHT OUTPUT of 2 Lamp 4\’ standard T12 and T8 Fluorescent fixtures!
Uses only approx. 108 watts but emits 10,000 lumens!
The Lumen Per Watt ratio (meaning electricity used compared to light output) is comparable to Metal Halide!
Because of High Output T5 Fluorescents low heat, the light can be placed closer to the plants resulting in greater light intensity when compared to Metal Halide lamps.
Heavy Duty Steel housing will last a lifetime!


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